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Denver’s Bra Fitting Experts!

Treva’s has been known for for its bra fitting expertise for over 40 years.

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Our associates are mature, professional, knowledgeable, certified, experienced fitters who give quality fittings. We have hundreds of cumulative hours of fitting time and stay updated with seminars and new products. We follow the National Certification Guidelines.

Welcome Words from a Professional Fitter

What are the parameters of a good bra fit?

We educate women on how to put their bras on, what is the best fit, and how to hide or minimize defects or differences in breast size, shape, etc. We work with post mastectomies, and also the full-figured woman who cannot find a bra past a triple D cup. Here at Treva’s we go to cup size N.

The great team of women at Treva’s are all excellent fitters and problem solvers!

We do a lot of fitting for women who have had reconstruction and whose breasts aren’t quite symmetrical. We have some nice products to correct that problem such as silicone shell liners and inexpensive bust cups. Sometimes just a good contour bra can work well. We also carry attachable nipples.

There are also the women who were born with 1 breast larger by one to three cup sizes.

The bra should be comfortable in the band and low in the back and, when purchased, hooked in the loosest hooks, so that when the elastic starts to relax, the band can be tightened up. A bra should never ride up the back, which can indicate it is too big in the band and which can also cause the straps to slip down on the shoulders.

Now for the front fit – the bra should rest comfortably on the rib cage with an easy finger run under the band. The breast tissue should be enclosed in the cup, fill the top, and rest against the chest wall.
Smaller cup sizes – A and B tend to be narrower on the sides and have two hooks in the back, while fuller figures need three or more hooks to accommodate the wider sides of the bra.

We measure carefully and check for many other details to insure comfort and the best overall appearance.

Come and visit us today for your personalized, expert fitting!